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An Effective Way To Improve Crystal Purity Of Crystallization Equipment May 07, 2018

The inner wall of the crystallization equipment is subjected to the combined action of the mechanical stress and thermal stress generated by the static pressure of the high-temperature molten steel and the frictional force of the relative movement of the blank shell, and the working conditions thereof are extremely poor. In order to obtain qualified strands, the crystallization equipment should meet:

1. The crystallization equipment should have good thermal conductivity so as to rapidly form the molten steel.

2. Crystallization equipment should have sufficient rigidity, especially in the case of chilled heat and large temperature gradients.

3, the crystallization equipment should have good wear resistance, in order to extend the life of crystallization equipment, reduce the maintenance workload and replace the time of crystallization equipment, improve the operating rate of the continuous casting machine.

4, the structure is simple, easy to manufacture, easy disassembly, easy adjustment, cooling water circuit can be connected by itself, in order to quickly replace.

5. The self-weight is small to reduce the inertia force of the crystallization equipment and reduce the driving power of the vibration device, and make the crystallization equipment shake smoothly.