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Design requirements and thermal energy utilization of stainless steel reactor Oct 31, 2018

In the process of using the stainless steel reaction kettle, the temperature of the heat transfer oil is effectively raised to the required temperature by the electric heating device, and the stainless steel reaction kettle is effectively used to transfer heat through the heat transfer oil bath during use. It is transferred to the material in the stainless steel kettle, so that the reaction temperature of the material can be reached to some extent.


Design requirements for stainless steel reactors

The stainless steel reaction kettle will effectively heat the temperature controller on the thermostatic control cabinet during the operation, so that the temperature of the heat transfer oil and the reaction temperature of the materials in the equipment can be effectively controlled to a certain extent, so that To a certain extent, it can effectively realize its full automatic control. The electric heating device is installed in groups, mainly by electric heating thermostat control cabinet to realize its group control.


The stainless steel reactor is very compact and simple in the design process. The equipment is simple in the process of operation, and it can effectively realize the heating and cooling reaction to some extent, and then stir in the model, such as the equipment. The production efficiency is higher, the yield is better, and the cost is less.


 Thermal energy utilization of stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel reactors need to use their thermal energy reasonably during the operation process, and select the best process operation conditions during the use process, so that they can effectively strengthen their insulation measures to a certain extent, and improve them to some extent. The heat transfer efficiency, so that the heat loss is reduced to the minimum, so that the residual heat or the heat generated after the reaction is fully utilized.


The stainless steel reactor is very resistant to corrosion and high temperature. The whole equipment is very convenient in the process of use. The equipment mainly uses the electric heating rod to heat the heat transfer oil inside the jacket, so that the heat conduction has a temperature rise. To the temperature it needs, then the temperature controller controls the electric heating rod to make it cool.