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Centrifugal Spray Dryer

Centrifugal Spray Dryer

Centrifugal spray dryer is composed of a huge round drying chamber with a small cone-shaped base made up of stain less steel with the size of the drying chamber variations in between 2.5 to 9 m and also elevation is 25 m or even more. The spray disk atomiser...


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Centrifugal spray dryer is composed of a huge round drying chamber with a small cone-shaped base made up of stain less steel with the size of the drying chamber variations in between 2.5 to 9 m and also elevation is 25 m or even more. The spray disk atomiser is regarding 300mm in size and also turns at a rate of 3000 to 50000 changes each minutes.

Spray drying is a one-step steady system procedure that works with fluid atomization to generate droplets that are dried to specific fragments when relocated in a warm aeriform drying form. A spray dryer is composed of a feed pump, atomizer, air heating unit, air dispenser, drying chamber and also systems for exhaust air cleansing and also powder recovery/separator.

Working Principle

  • In the spray dryer the liquid to be dried atomised into the good droplets, that are tossed radially into a relocating stream of warm gas.

  • The temperature level of the droplets is right away enhanced and also good droplets obtain dried instantly through round fragments.

  • This process complete in a couple of seconds prior to the droplets get to the wall surface of the dryer.

In the spray dryer the fluid to be evaporated is sprayed through moisture. The min droplets are easily vaporized and also gets turned into the solid fragments, that are up to the bottom of the chamber.

The vapors are moved into the separator in which the good drying fragments that are brought together with the vapors are come apart and also gathered. Spray dryers are readily available in several types and also deigns.

A common spray dryer contain a drying chamber that is similar to the cyclone separator, so in order to make sure the very good flow of a air to facilitate heating and also mass transfer and to make sure that the dried fragments are divided by the centrifugal activity.



1.Atomization:Atomizing system must insure fog drops distributing uniformly

2.Contact of hot airflow and fog drops: When enough hot air enter into drying tower, the flow way and angle have to considered, no matter co-current flow, adverse current or mixed flow, must insure the sufficient heat exchange, it is crucial.

3.The angle design of pipelines and cone: It is very important to select the suitable angle, here we would like to share our experience from production of thousands of this equipments.


Foodstuff: Amino acid, vitamin, egg powder, bone powder, flavoring, protein, milk powder, blood powder, soy sauce powder, coffee, tea powder, glucose, pentadiene carboxylic acid, pectin, flavors, vegetable juice, yeast, starch, etc.

Chemical: Aluminium polychlorid, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, organic catalyzer, white carbon black,   washing powder, zinc sulfate, silica, sodium metasilicate, potassium fluoride, calcium carbonate, potassium sulfate, ingotganic catalyzer and all kinds of waste liquid, etc.

Ceramic: Alumina, zirconia, magnesium oxide, titania, pottery clay, china clay, all kinds of magnetic porcelain and metal-oxides, etc.


Our Services


According to customer’s needs guide customers t configure the most appropriate device models. According to customer’s special requirements and working site provide list of equipment, equipment layout.


Inspect the product seriously before out of the factory. Invite customer for commissioning in the spot and raising the objection. Organize to delivery according to the contract.


Company can send technical data for guiding to install and debug the machine. After a year, we can instruct you how to maintain the machine, and spare parts are provided with the best price. We also can provide 24-hour telephone or message service.


Q1: Does molds customized accepted,

A: Yes. Please send us your mould design, and the diameter you need, then we'll offer you the best price according to your requirement.

Q2: Do you have manual or operation video for us to know more about the machine?

A: Yes. We'll send you the manual and operation video after you asking from us.

Q3: When can I get the price?

A: We usually quote within 24 hours after getting your inquiry. If you are urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email. We will regard your inquiry priority.

Q4: How does your factory regard quality control?

A: Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality control from raw material to the very end. 

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